3 ways for teachers to make the most out of their summer

Your well deserved holidays are nearly here! But before you clock off and turn your "Out of Office" on, read our 3 tips below so that you make the most out of your summer.

1. Travel
You don't have to go abroad to make the most out of your summer. Travel to a local landmark, take a train to a new city or jump on a flight if your budget stretches that far. Visiting new places, enjoying new experiences and meeting new people will broaden your horizons and give you great stories to share with your students on your return.

2. Enjoy "Me" Time
It's great catching up with all of your friends and family whilst you're off but remember to schedule some time for yourself as well. You've spent a full teaching year giving a large part of your time and effort to your students and now you need to relax. Read that book you've never got around to, binge watch a new series on Netflix and go on that awesome hike. Make sure you feel refreshed before starting next year. 

3. Try Something New
Make the most out of your time off by trying something new. You might want to get a new hobby or learn a new skill - now is the time to do it! Learn Spanish, become an amazing cook or even take up golf. Focusing time on a new hobby/skill will also improve your work-life balance when you go back to the classroom.

Need Some Reading Materials Over The Summer? 

Educating Adventures have over 10 years’ experience in planning and running successful international school trips. Our students gain an increased understanding of classroom materials through our hands on workshops. With spaces becoming fully booked a year in advance, it's best to download your free itinerary and start planning now! 

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