Benefits of Cultural Awareness for Students

Why is it important for students to experience new cultures?

The world is constantly becoming more connected and with hybrid working conditions now considered the norm, working and living abroad is becoming more common. In the UK one in four workers will be spending some time working from abroad this year while being employed by a business in their home country. Furthermore, at least one million Australians at any time are based and working overseas. With these statistics, it is a fair assumption that the majority of current students will be spending some of their working life overseas.

In order to thrive overseas surrounded by different cultures, languages, and customs, students need to be educated about cultural awareness.

What is cultural awareness?

Cultural awareness refers to being sensitive to the differences and similarities between two different cultures when communicating with members of other cultural groups. It is having an openness and respect for different cultures, religions, languages, clothing, and ways of communicating. 

Within an employment setting, the importance of cultural awareness will only continue to grow, and having an understanding of other cultures and how to interact with people of varying backgrounds will become integral.

How does international travel increase cultural awareness?

Simply traveling to a destination with a different culture will help create cultural awareness, but for a deeper integration, there are two types of international trips that focus on different aspects of cultural awareness. 

Language Tours are where students visit a destination that they are studying the language of and can spend time an overseas classroom or in a homestay. These tours help to increase the language abilities of the student, as well as immerse them into the culture of their destination country.

Business Tours focus on what it is like to work and thrive in an overseas setting. Along with witnessing first hand how overseas businesses operate, they also provide students with the chance to ask questions of people working in leading global organisations.

How you can incorporate cultural awareness in the classroom

In every aspect of teaching, you can include ways to see a topic from a culturally diverse point of view. Locally there are off-site school trips to a cultural destination, or guest speakers can attend the school from different cultures.

Going beyond that an international school trip is an even more comprehensive cultural awareness learning opportunity. International school trips open a student's eyes to different cultures, as well as finding out about opportunities overseas where they can look for career aspirations.

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