3 ways for teachers to make the most of their Christmas break

The extended break from the classroom has finally arrived for teachers around the world. For them, Christmas is not only about giving, family and fun. It is also about taking a breather, stepping out of the classroom and having a well-deserved school holiday.

But how can they make the most of this time as well as make the challenges of their job more manageable when they head back to school?

Here are our top tips for teachers to make the most of the Christmas period:

1. Have a break    

Go outside, do your favourite activities and practice mindfulness. Step away from the pressure of shaping young minds and take some time away from all that. This is important for not only mental health but for energy and rejuvenation.

2. Get a head start on the New Year

Be proactive and start thinking about what you want to achieve in the classroom this year. Then go ahead and take the initiative to make it happen. This could involve prioritising the most important changes that you want to make. Read and absorb new information and find new resources to assist your teaching.

3. Set goals

Starting strong is a great way to set a standard and get the year off to a great start. If you start strong, you’re more ready and able to continue that way rather than back-tracking and trying to pick things up as you go. Not only will your students benefit, but so too will your own personal development. Don’t forget to share your goals with another person so that you have accountability.

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