STEM focused Camps at KSC in Orlando

Educating Adventures can now offer schools more choice at the Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando.

We have been working closely with the Kennedy Space Centre to provide our schools MORE space camp options to choose from and we can now offer our schools, 5 difference Space Camps!

Take a look through the educational highlights of our camps:

Space Trek Mission Robotics

This is a great 3 or 5 day introduction to robotics with all workshops tailored to the specific ages and abilities of your group. Using 3D printed components, students will split into teams to build and program their own robot which will then compete in various challenges, each more difficult then the last. The focus will be on innovative and critical thinking as the teams build upon their programming knowledge to fight for robotics victory!

Space Trek Mission Robotics

Space Trek Near Space Investigation

In this exciting 5 day camp the group will work together to launch and retrieve a weather balloon which travels up to 10,000ft! Students get to play different roles throughout the process, replicating real-life employees of NASA and the main curriculum components include payload integration, experimental data gathering & analysis and systems engineering. A fantastic advanced camp for groups that want to take their learning at NASA one step further!

Space Trek Near Space Investigation2

Camp KSC International

This is a great camp designed to inspire and encourage STEM focused learning in younger students (ages 8-13). Using advanced simulators such as the anti-gravity wall and multi axis trainer the group re-create a full space shuttle mission. This 3 day camp promotes interactive learning and is a great introductory camp that students will never forget!

Camp KSC International

Camp KSC International Advanced (Mars Base Challenge)

This brand new Camp KSC Programme is designed for students 13+ and can be tailored to the age and academic ability of each group. Set on an imaginary NASA base on Mars, students team-up as they are presented with STEM based challenges. Experienced educators combine classroom learning with hands-on activated and motion-based astronaut training simulators to create a very effective 3 or 5 day educational programme.

Space Explorers Adventure and Kennedy Space Center7

Space Trek Mission Rockets

This 3 day course is perfect for budding physicians & mathematicians who will delve into the world of rockets and the science that moves them. Students will split into teams to construct their own rockets in a series of interactive workshops through which they will explore both the history and future of NASA rockets. Curriculum components include rocket construction & design, basic rocketry maths and physics and data collection & analysis, all tailored to suit the specific ages and academic levels of your group.

Space Trek Mission Rockitz

Each camp includes the following elements

Lunches and snacks daily
Tour of the KSC visitor center complex
Meet and greet with an astronaut

Enquire here today and one of our school travel advisers will be in touch.

Or learn more about our NASA Preview trip. This is a free trip for teachers considering a trip to NASA Orlando in 2018/2019. Each year we work with NASA to provide an opportunity for teachers to preview this trip. To find our more register your interest.

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