Breaking down barriers for schools

EA School Tours is helping more children access greater educational experiences through learning outside the classroom.

Schools all over the UK, Australia, New Zealand and internationally are embracing inspirational and exciting opportunities for their students to learn outside the classroom.

So, what are the benefits of learning outside the classroom?

Hands-on experiences like the I-Fly physics and freefall workshop in Orlando, USA allow students to explore the global world, outside the classroom and deepen their understanding of concepts they may be struggling to wrap their head around. More so, outside learning has a way of encouraging students to be inspired by the world around them. A trip to the Kennedy Space Center may inspire a student to aspire to career heights they’d never considered before or to understand how the study’s on life on Mars could change the course of human existence.

What are the common barriers for teachers before planning a school trip?

We hear so often of children struggling with the curriculum and not being able to excel with the current school structure. The frustrations there are felt by teachers and parents alike. Teachers love to inspire and encourage learning and yet, the classroom setting does not always effectively achieve this for every student. Students learn best with first-hand experiences and there’s nothing like going beyond the history books or the scientific theories in order to understand and grasp learning. Learning outside the classroom is not just great for grasping difficult concepts out of a textbook, it also benefits social development and global citizenship in students.  

How do EA School Tours help break down the barriers for teachers and schools?

With such known and unquestionable benefits, why is international school travel overlooked by teachers? We have heard of restrictions such as bureaucratic red tape, hesitant parents, that teachers do not have enough time to organise a school trip of such magnitude, and that there are concerns over health and safety.

EA School Tours was founded in 2007 to offer schools good quality learning experiences outside the classroom, without the worry of organization and health and safety. We help teachers reassure and excite parents about the opportunities available to their children and feel confident that their students will be receiving well-managed, safe educational and inspiring school trips.  

It is our mission that students globally can experience life outside the classroom on their school's very own international school tour. We believe this is an essential part of learning and assists hugely in personal development. We offer free teacher resources for every stage of the trip planning process and have experiences and knowledgeable school travel consultants on hand to work with teachers as they endeavor to craft the perfect, educational trip for their students.

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