5 reasons why learning outside the classroom is more important than ever

Teachers are amongst the most adaptable people in the world. After two years of teaching within the classroom (or online), it’s no surprise that many have adapted to this. Yet what is learnt outside the classroom has benefits that you can't replicate in a classroom. Here are five reasons why it’s time to embrace educational travel once again.

1) Blow away the lockdown cobwebs

Although lockdowns are behind us, the emotions that surround that time still linger. By slamming borders shut, we were telling students that staying home was the only way to stay safe. Getting these students out into the world is the best way to show them that the world is not something to fear.

2) New friendships

Educational travel often results in students from different social circles hanging out. Being outside the school environment, and being in a smaller group helps to foster this.

A teacher from Crookwell High School confirmed this when she let us know that one of her highlights was ‘half the group crying (with happiness) at Sydney Airport having formed such wonderful bonds with the adults and other students on the trip

3) Self Esteem and Independence

While away from home, students have the opportunity to show how switched on and capable that they are. When students swap relying on others at home to relying on themselves this boost self esteem. While travelling, students have responsibilities to the group such as meeting on time. These responsibilities help build independence.

4) Drive ambition

There’s something about being at NASA, or the Met that bring out the ambition of students. When a student can see where their studies can take them, it can light a spark that accelerates them to their goal. For other students it can even completely change what they want to study moving forward. A teacher returning from a NASA STEM Trip let us know that ‘as a result of this trip, we have three students considering picking up mechanical engineering at university, and a host of students considering STEM-related A-Levels’.

5) Teachers love it too

The teachers that travel with us get so much out of these educational adventures. They enjoy getting to know the students away from the classroom. Educational travel can also reignite their  passion in educating and guiding young people. A teacher from Guildford Grammar School even stated that ‘last year was my 30th year of continuous teaching of secondary science and the NASA tour was probably the highlight, personally for me, in my teaching career!’

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