Incorporate STEM learning outside the classroom and help students understand the real world.

Ignite your students passions and interests in STEM learning with an international school trip.

Our most popular STEM destinations include the US, Europe and Hawaii. 

Spark your students’ ambitions and curiosity in STEM with challenging and engaging activities designed to give students real-world learning experiences.

Engage your students in hands-on robotics and physics workshops at Space Camp, or take part in innovative Mars mission simulators with NASA. Take part in informative tours of world-leading research institutions, top tech companies headquarters, and get the chance to see a launch at NASA, Orlando.

An international STEM tour builds upon classroom learning, and nurtures your students interests with interactive fun activities designed to help students learn for themselves.

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The highlight for many of the boys was Astronaut training. The ATX center has only just opened and it gave a real insight into the lives as a astronaut. Experiences included a virtual reality mission to Mars- Landing an operating a Moon lander and experiencing zero G whilst repairing the Space Station. The boys took part in a full simulation of a rocket launch, in both the rocket and control centre.
Rachael Anderson, Wellington College, NASA trip, April 2018

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