High school teachers take more educational tours abroad

Improved student engagement and increased teaching opportunities are only part of the reason school tours and educational trips abroad are increasing in popularity. Educational school trips also provide an exciting platform for team building and the chance to experience new cultures, lifestyles and countries. More schools are now choosing to include educational trips as part of their senior school program, setting themselves apart by providing international learning opportunities to their students.

Increasing numbers of teachers are choosing to supplement their theoretical classroom sessions with real world education to aid students in comprehending and retaining what they have learnt. The classroom is a vital part of each student’s education, and school travel alone will not teach everything a student needs to know, however when these two approaches are combined, learning is thoroughly maximised. School travel was once a daunting prospect for schools, however there is now great support available to teachers wanting to plan these innovative trips, allowing more schools to consider travel programs for their students.

While only a few years ago a class trip to the national gallery would have been considered a big deal, emerging technology has established a need for more diverse and unique school travel itineraries, to more significant and engaging destinations. A recent report by the Institute of International Education, specifies increasing demand for educational programs abroad and the substantial learning benefits which are associated with these. The report also indicated teachers are now seeking out more detailed information about international school trips and tours.

Teachers can now find school travel consultants who will listen to their educational objectives, restrictions and requirements, and any planned activities, and come back with a detailed itinerary and quote, and loads of suggestions to consider. Of course we are a little bit bias, but Educating Adventures have a team of dedicated travel consultants who enjoy preparing the best educational travel itineraries for teachers and students, and can work with you to deliver an exceptional school trip.

Make sure you have a local tour guide – ideally for the duration of your trip. Tour Managers should be available to make any required amendments to itineraries while on tour, resolve any issues which may arise, develop great relationships with students to keep them engaged, on time and excited about each of the trip elements, as well as provide 24 hour assistance to teachers. At Educating Adventures, we want students AND teachers to have the best time possible and believe the best way to achieve this is by providing a local tour guide to support teachers while on tour.

No one is busier than a teacher; the balance between being present and engaging in the classroom, managing assessments, and future lesson planning is challenging enough. So it may seem hard to imagine fitting in time to coordinate a school trip; but with the support available and the educational benefits (not to mention the free teacher travel), stacking up in its favour, it’s not surprising more schools are taking international school trips.

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