STEM Educational Trips: Discover Space Experiences for Students Worldwide

Space exploration captivates the imagination, especially for budding STEM enthusiasts. As educational trips focused on STEM continue to gain traction, students worldwide now have a plethora of opportunities to take part in practical and hands on astronaut and robotic adventures. From day excursions to intensive six-day camps, let's journey through the array of space exploration activities available for students.

1.    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

When you think of Aerospace, it’s easy to think that STEM is the only subject of interest. This isn’t the case at JAXA, as Japanese students can take part in a one day workshop working as a Space Reporter. For international students visiting JAXA as part of a school trip, you can take a guided tour to learn about Japan's space program, space missions, and the latest discoveries in space exploration


2.    Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

The USA is leading the way in space experiences and at the KSC in Florida, students can take part in three day and five day programs. Get your students excited by training like space explorers and figuring out how to live on Mars for a day. For engineering buffs they will get to solve unique challenges through Engineering Design Process. If you're looking to inspire the future generation to see STEM as a viable career KSC certainly does that, a teacher who recently returned from KSC said that "As a result of this trip, we have three students considering picking up mechanical engineering at university, and a host of students considering STEM-related A-Levels'.


3.    European Space Research and Technology Centre

The largest ESA centre in Europe can be found in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. They’ve developed two educational programs with different areas of focus. ‘Learn with Space’ is all about educational and ‘Let Space Inspire You’ is focussing on the inspirational. One is all about knowledge and the other all about the ‘wow’ factor of space and using that to increase interest in STEM as a potential career.


4.    Space Camp Huntsville

A six-day stint training as an astronaut at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama is an unparalleled experience. Students undertake space missions, engineer rockets from scratch, and pilot jet aircraft simulators. This camp is an embodiment of where passion for STEM can lead.


5.    Alton Towers Galactica

Experience G-Force of +3.5 as you board the AIR-WING 6000 craft and blast off. You’ll feel like you’re soaring through space on this one of a kind rollercoaster ride. This experience is a fun way to engage students into thinking about what it would feel like to go into space.


Ready to embark on an unmatched STEM journey? Space not only offers infinite possibilities but also lays the foundation for revolutionary educational trips. Let's collaborate to craft an unforgettable space experience tailored for your school. Contact out team today.

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