Southeast Asia

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Spread across a vast geographic area the diversity within Southeast Asia cannot be understated! Growing up as an important trading hub external influences from traders and colonisation have mixed with tradition to create a multitude of distinct cultures.


Each area has it's own language and within that exists 100s of local dialects, with most people being bilingual.


As with language and culture, each Southeast Asian has a distinctive style of cuisine ranging from the famous spicy curries of Thailand such as green curry to the lighter Vietnamese dishes of pho noodles.

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Experiences on offer in Southeast Asia

Stretching from eastern India to China, Southeast Asia is home to 11 countries spectacularly diverse in culture, religion and history. This diversity opens up a wide array of educational and eye opening experiences.

On a school trip to the Southeast Asia, you can expect:

  • A wide variety of educational opportunities from modern historical events, geographical wonders to international relations.
  • Pulsing with life and excitement Southeast Asia is a destination that will move and inspire your students.
  • Discover friendly locals and connect with communities learning about their unique culture, challenges and history.

Teeming with unique plant and animal species throughout its many rainforests such as orangutans, leopards, elephants and rhinos students have the opportunity to study some of the best preserved environments on the planet. An educational school trip to Southeast Asia will take your students on a journey of discovery through fascinating historical events such as in Vietnam & Cambodia.

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