Where ancient traditions and the ultramodern co-exist in perfect harmony.

Top destination facts


Superstitions are big in Japan. For example, the numbers 4 and 9 are considered unlucky numbers. If you look closely, you’ll notice these numbers are missing from a number of normal scenarios. Your hotel accommodation may not have a 4th floor or a room number 49.


The most common language spoken in Japan is Japanese although there are a number of other local dialects spoken throughout Japan. The Japanese counting system is considered one of the most confusing parts of the Japanese language as you must specify what kind of object you are counting.


Skilled sushi chefs, also known as Itamae train up to ten years to become a true sushi master. Authentic Japanese sushi is a master-art in sushi rice preparation. Legend says that a senior Itamae should be able to create sushi that has all of the rice grains facing the same direction.

School Trips on offer in Japan and Asia for Educational Experiences.

Japan offers a true cultural immersion for students. Japan is a destination where ancient traditions are fused with modern life. Your students will eat traditional cuisine, explore the modern streets of Tokyo, ski the world’s best powder snow in Hakuba, and visit the adorable snow monkeys and the Nagano temple. Engage your students in the history, culture and language of this this awe-inspiring country. Japan is a great school trip destination; it is safe, has an excellent transport network and is packed full of technological and cultural learning opportunities.

On a school trip to Japan, you can expect:

  • An engaging and educational destination; an excellent location for sampling a different culture
  • Offers your students a completely new and diverse set of traditions and customs
  • Japanese people are kind, welcoming and enjoy hosting international school groups.

Explore Japan on a school tour with Educating Adventures, Group of students smiling on a school tour
Students from Crookwell High School visit Japan.

Japan is a fascinating country full of learning opportunities. Home to 10% of the world’s most innovative companies, Japan is at the forefront of cutting edge technological advances. Take your students on the famous bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka and inspire them in business and innovation. Try your hands at sushi-making and watch as your students are fascinated by the vending machines, anime-culture and the legend of the Samurai.

"For me personally, the highlight was coming away from the trip with everyone having tried to use Japanese and half the group crying (with happiness) at Sydney Airport having formed such wonderful bonds with the adults and other students on the trip.
Lauren, Teacher, Crookwell High School, Japan Trip

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