New Zealand

New Zealand is an exciting school tour destination offering a range of stimulating educational experiences.

Top destination facts


Although roughly the same size as Japan, New Zealand's population is just above 4 million, compared with Japan's 125+ million, making it one of the worlds most sparsely populated countries. The indigenous Māori people have influenced culture in New Zealand giving a unique perspective on the arts, nature and language. New Zealand people possess a deep love for the outdoors making New Zealanders and their culture unique around the world.


English is the official language. Maori is also spoken, and is growing in popularity after years of suppression.


There are many Kiwi favourites in New Zealand however some may not know that the cuisine in New Zealand is heavily influenced by the seasons. As a nation reliant on agriculture, New Zealand cuisine is driven by seasonal products and variations. When in New Zealand, don't forget to try its famous hokey pokey ice cream and manuka honey.

Academic Tours to New Zealand for school students.

An educational experience to immense national parks, distinct Māori culture, unique biodiversity and world class adventure travel. With a diverse topography and loads of dynamic learning opportunities, New Zealand is one of the best outdoor classrooms in the world. Tackle one of the 'Great Walks' or mountain bike through some easily accessible wilderness. Enjoy contemporary kiwi culture and catch a cultural performance. New Zealand is safe, accessible, and offers endless possibilities for your school trip.

On a school trip to New Zealand, you can expect:

  • Students will love the sports, geography, history and cultural trips
  • A unique and exciting school trip destination
  • New Zealand is a safe country for schools to visit, jam-packed with adventure activities

Internationally recognised for its distinct biodiversity, New Zealand's variety of landscapes and environmental conflicts create an abundance of fieldwork opportunities and make it the ideal geography trip destination.

Students will discover first-hand the remarkable force of nature. Learn how volcanic eruptions and glaciers shaped the landform and explore how its people are rebuilding a city. Develop an understanding of the relationship between tourism and geography.

New Zealand is a perfect destination for schools to visit, school students on a jet boat on a school tour to New Zealand
This was the trip of a lifetime combining a comprehensive tour of New Zealand’s South Island with a variety of adventure and sporting activities and terrific staff who were fun as well as being knowledgeable. Our three weeks were superbly organised and we had the privilege to see the real New Zealand and meet with many outback characters. We will certainly be going back next year.
Mr. Jon Maynard, Tonbridge School, Sports Tour, New Zealand

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