Why should you use a school group travel provider

EA now offer schools more STEAM and subject-focused school tour destinations than ever before. Our bespoke itineraries can be tailored around any curriculum objective, budget, or idea, giving students the best hands on learning experience possible.

This is why we're in the business of assisting teachers with their school trips. However, we know there are others ways to embark on school group travel such as going it alone and trying to organise it in-house. But at the end of the day, we think that travel is about having fun, and by taking the hard-work out of the organising process, it's beneficial to use a school group travel provider.   

The hard work is done for you. Everyone knows it’s hard enough to organise small groups on holiday. Try dealing with parents, looking after the students safety and organising a large group on an international school trip. It’s just too much for one person or even a few teachers. EA School Group Travel providers organise all the bookings, the flights, the transfers, the activities. You get a tailored itinerary sent right to your inbox including insider knowledge on the location you wish to travel to. 

Travel is about having fun. We don’t want our teachers to be breaking their back trying to ensure all the connections, pick-ups reservations and bookings run smoothly, we want them to enjoy themselves!

Travel is about exploring the world. It’s about pushing boundaries and learning new things. We want every single student to get the most out of their own school trip! That’s why we have great relationships with amazing educating tourism providers such as the Kennedy Space Center who are not only informative but also, incredibly educational.

We tailor our trips around your budget. You don’t need to be talking to many suppliers and getting incorrect quotes that don’t add up. We can have appropriate and manageable costings ready for you to present to your school and get across the line. 

We can provide you with a Tour REP. Sometimes having a local expert in the location your visiting can take your trip from okay to amazing. Insider knowledge is key and it takes the stress out of wondering where you are and navigating around a foreign city with a large group. Moreover, our guides will deepen your students understanding of the country their visiting. Great countries like Japan have so much history and culture, which our guides are ready to help you explore and understand. 

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