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What do your students know about the magnificent red planet? Worldwide, humans are becoming more and more interested in our solar system, including the possibility of life on Mars and whether Space-X will achieve their goal of sending human’s to live on Mars in the future. Do we as a race depend on research and experiments such as this and how, if we ever get there, will we survive? As one of our closest, and most a-like neighbours, and with just enough chance of the ability to support life, the Red Planet serves as a source of great fascination and mystique. However, it seems that the more we find out about Mars and as we seek to send Teslas’ and eventually astronauts to Mars, the possibilities there seem more endless. 

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Educating Adventures Mars base 1 in conjunction with the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, U.S.

In the Mars Base 1 program, with the Kennedy Space Center, we give students the chance to learn about and explore these questions in a realistic, Mars-based environment. Centred around living on the Red Planet, this program aims to demonstrate what is needed to not only survive but thrive there using the latest technology such as Mars rovers, 3-D printers, solar panels, botany labs, and how best to collect and send information back to earth. Challenge and inspire your students in STEM learning, whilst enhancing team-building by getting ready for a mission to Mars. Your students will take away a fascination for the beyond and will learn what it’s like to adapt and enhance technology to achieve great things.

The Mars base 1 educational program forms a part of Camp KSC internationals 3-day program. Camp KSC is available for students aged 10 - 17 in groups of 24 or more. 

This interactive, educational and exciting NASA program comes in conjunction with our Orlando and L.A tour options, so head away on a Mars Base 1 and find yourself also:

  • Heading to I-Fly and learning about the physics of flight
  • Meet an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center
  • Visit Full Sail University and complete a 3D Gaming Workshop
  • Go to WonderWorks and explore this incredible interactive museum

 Educating Adventures partner with the Kennedy Space Center to provide schools a chance to experience this great program. Please get in touch with us today, if you want to know more. 


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