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Welcome to the EA School Tours December E Newsletter!

As Christmas approaches we look back on the fantastic year of school trips here at EA School Group Tours. It’s a real privilege to work with so many fantastic schools and share life changing experiences with all the students.

Pre-Christmas is the ideal time of year look into international school trips for 2012, whether you want to discuss possible destinations, or simply get some free advice on school trip travel from our team, make sure you take advantage of our 2012 pricing promotion below.

The EA team wishes everyone a fantastic Christmas and a great well deserved break over the holiday period :)

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A life changing experience for this Harrogate Student

Because Christmas is all about sharing we want to share Rob’s recent EA school trip experience.

“This trip has quite simply been the best school trip I've been on. Everyday has been both fun and enlightening for me and I thank all those involved in leading and organising it, you've been great! As an enthusiastic geographer and historian this was the perfect trip for me"... to read Rob's full experience plus more from Harrogate school - click here
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4 Xmas jokes – groan!

You cant beat a good Christmas joke, so here’s four!

Q. Why did Santa have three gardens?

A. So he could hoe, hoe, hoe!

Q. What do snowmen eat for lunch?

A. Iceburgers!

Q. What goes OH, OH, OH?

A. Santa walking backwards!

Q. What do monkeys sing at Christmas?

A. Jungle Bells!

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