The benefits of using a school travel company

An international school trip is an effective way to give students a break from the classroom and allow them to learn in new and engaging environments.  Some of the benefits of educational travel include improved critical thinking skills, stronger teacher-student relationships, and an expanded worldview.

Increasingly, it's becoming more and more common for teachers and schools to recruit school travel companies to help organise educational trips abroad. Since 2010, the number of schools offering international trips to students has increased by 127% particularly in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Experts believe this is due to the increased pressure of the education system to produce global citizens that are adaptable and ready for the modern workplace.   

Recruiting a school travel company to organise an educational trip can be extremely beneficial especially for your first time. School travel specialists know the logistics of travelling with a large group of students and can organise seamless itineraries with time, travel, accommodation and educational activities all considered.  They can also help with your school trip risk assessment, and health and safety planning.

School travel specialists exist for a reason. They know what they're doing and want to work with you to create a fun, once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for your students. Here are the benefits of using a school travel company to help organise your next school tour.  


They know how to prepare for the worst

News sources frequently report on the rising global threat level and expose us to the consequences unpredictable weather is having across the globe. This means having a solid contingency plan in place is crucial when planning an international school trip.  

One of the best ways school travel specialists can support you is by ensuring every scenario that could take place is considered and considered again.

School travel companies have the knowledge, years of experience and connections to support you on the ground if an unlikely event occurs.

School travel specialists can easily change accommodation, flights and activities so that your trip runs smoothly. Nobody wants to sit on hold with airlines or tour operators for hours, especially with a group of school children. Using a school group travel company ensures this doesn't happen and everything runs seamlessly.


They take the stress out of organising a school trip

As a teacher or a parent, your time is valuable and planning a trip can be an added stress in your already busy life.  

Planning a school trip is very different from a personal vacation, you'll need to consider finding hotels that can accommodate everyone, restaurants that cater to different dietary requirements, what activities are worthwhile, how much time you'll need to get between activities, and so much more.

Your school trip organiser should have the experience and training required to critically look at your school's needs and deliver a seamless itinerary at the best price. They make sure each aspect of your trip meets your specific requirements so you and your students can enjoy the experience.  


They'll provide on-tour support

A good school travel company will arrange for a local tour manager to accompany you and your students on an educational trip.

A tour manager is essential for two reasons. Firstly, they have local knowledge to make the trip even more memorable, and secondly, they will make sure your entire trip runs smoothly. A tour manager acts as a liaison between you, your school travel company, and the suppliers. In the unlikely event a problem arises, your tour manager is there to fix it.  


They know more than you do

Should you book a three-day or five-day STEM camp? Can you book a nice hotel for 50 students in the centre of the city with a pool at a reasonable price? Is that even where you should be staying? What about passports and visas?

School travel specialists don't just organise the logistics of a trip—they discover, research, gather feedback, and experience the tours they offer over and over. Like a doctor, a school travel specialist will ask the right questions and provide expert advice. They have the knowledge and experience to tailor an educational trip and make suggestions.

Based on your needs a school travel company will know what activities are going to be worthwhile and help achieve that right balance of fun and learning. They know what they're doing.


They're here to support you

A school travel specialist will guide you through each stage of organising an educational trip.  

From advertising the trip to your students and holding information nights to keeping in contact with you while you're away, school travel specialists will be there to support you. School travel specialists are invested in helping you organise the trip of a lifetime. They understand your professional credibility is on the line and will go out of their way to ensure your school trip is a success for you and your students.


They help you deliver value

School travel specialists do come with a fee for their service, but the benefit you and your students will receive far outweigh the cost.

School travel specialists aim to maximise the total value of your trip and will focus on providing the best possible experience at the fairest price. Relationships with airlines, hotels, ticket agencies and transport companies mean school travel specialists will be able to get you better pricing deals than if you were to organise it yourself.

However, they consider other aspects that will influence the overall enjoyment of your trip - hotel amenities, reasonable flight times and safety are just some of the things school travel specialists consider when organising your school trip.

Remember, cheap does not always mean cheerful and expensive does not always mean good quality.


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